US Politics

A Peaceful Coup?

30th September 2016 Kathryn S. Sless 1

The news reports regarding FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before Congress reveal that for unknown motivating reasons, the FBI investigation is peppered with actions (or inaction as it relates to follow-ups) which, in effect, leave

General Politics

My Qualms with Third Wave Feminism

29th September 2016 Josh Deakin 0

Today’s feminists tell us that women in the West still need feminism because they are still oppressed by the patriarchy and that there are many rights that women don’t have that need to be won.

UK Politics

Corbyn Sparks Fury over Immigration

28th September 2016 Michael Curzon 0

Annual party conferences in the UK are supposed to be occasions when people’s views unite and where policies are created. This, unsurprisingly, has not been the case for this year’s Labour Party Conference! Before he

US election
US Politics

Trump Vs. Clinton: Who Won the Debate?

27th September 2016 John Smith 0

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton went head-to-head for the first time on Monday night in the first of three presidential debates. Th debate took place at Hofstra University and was moderated by Lester Holt of

labour to defeat grammar school plans
UK Politics

Labour Party to ‘Defeat Grammar School Plans’

26th September 2016 John Halstead 0

The Labour Party “will defeat” government plans to reintroduce grammar schools in England, according to shadow education secretary Angela Rayner. Speaking at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool, Mrs. Rayner claimed that selection by ability,

US Politics

Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump

25th September 2016 John Smith 0

Senator Ted Cruz has endorsed Republican nominee Donald Trump for President four months after dropping out of the race for president. Ted Cruz was invited by Donald Trump to speak at the Republican National Convention

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