US Politics

Impoverish Hollywood! Timecott!

27th February 2017 MC Batista 0

Right about now, a bunch of performing monkeys who we pay to amuse us are gathering together for the annual ritualized delusion that our collective pointing and laughing at their stupidity somehow confers on them

General Politics

Farage Has “Dinner with the Donald”

27th February 2017 John Halstead 0

On Saturday, Nigel Farage and President Donald Trump dined together; a sign of the continued relationship between the two largest political figures (/disrupters!) of 2016. The two, joined by some of President Trump’s senior advisers

US Politics

Dear Anti-Trump “Protesters”…

27th February 2017 Kristine Lowder 0

Dear Anti-Trump “Protesters”: You’re upset. Issuing demands. Marching. Making histrionics and hysteria your favorite indoor sports. You’re pining away for the ‘good ‘ole days’ of Nancy “we have to pass the ball so you can

UK Politics

What Next For UKIP?

24th February 2017 Michael Curzon 0

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) has, to put it mildly, had a pretty rough half-year. A leadership race in late September last year was shortly followed (just 18 days after, to be precise) by then-leader

UK Politics

Labour Wins Stoke By-Election, Loses Copeland

24th February 2017 Disrupter UK 0

Gareth Snell has won the Stoke-on-Trent By-Election for the Labour party, thus becoming the constituency’s MP. The seat was greatly contested, though it was expected that Paul Nuttall, leader of UKIP, would win being that around

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