Here are 7 [BLACK] People Who Pointed Guns at Cops and Didn’t Get Killed


No doubt if you have leftist friends on social media (and you shouldn’t) you have seen the following article entitled “Here Are 7 White People Who Pointed Guns at Cops and Didn’t Get Killed” endlessly shared as a talking point for the Black Lives Matter movement.

If it doesn’t immediately jump out at the reader as an extreme logical fallacy I can only assume the person reading lacks a high school education.

What you will find in this article that has gained a massive resurgence after the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina last week is the glaringly inefficient reasoning in successfully condemning law enforcement for sparing these white privilege beneficiaries who, of course, only survived a heated interaction with these fascist police Nazis by the grace of their lighter skin tone.

Nevermind the fact that police officers are not standardized operating machines without their own personal perceptions and risk assessments. The overwhelming implication from this argument is that leftist would like more people to be shot by police, as long as they are white. No wonder they seethe at the notion “All Lives Matter”

Without further adieu I give you my own list which took all of about 15 minutes to compile. Rest assured there are enough cases for many potential sequels.

1 Demarcus Perdue

Literally this Wednesday in Mobile, Alabama, Demarcus Perdue, a carjacking suspect aimed a firearm at police. We didn’t hear about him bleeding out on the sidewalk on the local news today did we?

2 Charles Jones

Then Thursday this same week Charles Jones, pointed a gun at police officers as well after a high speed chase. You may be beginning to notice a pattern here.

3 Christopher Harris

This one is interesting. In April of this year an Arkansas parole officer found intoxicated in his vehicle by Pulaski county sheriff’s deputies pulled a gun on them in an attempt to resist arrest. Four words: Did. Not. Get. Killed.

4 Keytone Keller

In early July, Chicago PD arrested Keystone Keller for pointing a handgun at an officer.

5 Kentrell Pledger

On August 23 this year Kentrell Pledger actually fired at Chicago police and lived to tell the tale.

6 Paul K. Rivers

You know the drill. In this case on August 30th, Rivers actually injured two officers and still was taken into custody alive.

7 Travonte Hughes

Admittedly from 2015, Travonte Hughes, suspected of armed robbery aimed a pistol at officers and was taken into custody without further incident.


8 Tristan Davis

I’ll add one more just so we are consistent with 7 cases in the year 2016.

And there are a thousand more cases just like this underreported by the media. By the way I wouldn’t use Google as a means to search for them because the company is deliberately hiding stories that infringe upon the leftist narrative. Try Bing.

This is not to say that less than lethal force is a reliable option, in fact the opposite. The cases represent rare instances that officers took significant risks and made it out alive and uninjured.

But here is the main point to this article: don’t point guns at police! Is it really that hard to understand?

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  1. But this proves that there are cops not looking to kill every chance they get. Most black people don’t go around saying ALL COPS ARE KILLERS !! This proves the one’s like Michael Slater are crazy degenerate people.

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