Disrupter.Media is dedicated to questioning mainstream leftist views which are taking control in many areas of everyone’s daily lives. This includes the education system and media in both the UK and America, as well as elsewhere around the world.

We also wish to act as a voice for those with conservative mindsets whose views have, because of this takeover of power by the left, been suppressed for so long.

Disrupter.Media does not pretend to be impartial when covering political topics, unlike the left (the so-called ‘impartial’ BBC being a prime example of this). We are openly conservative.

Content published may not be agreed upon by all contributors but one thing that we do all share in common is a strong support of the freedom of speech.

For the meantime, we mainly aim to give commentary and opinions on current affairs rather than reporting on or breaking new stories. This could change in the future.

Forthcoming developments to Disrupter.Media shall certainly include the addition of a podcast section featuring interviews with other political/known figures and free and open debates with people whose opinions differ from our own.

Please join us in challenging the mainstream…