Arron Banks to Concentrate on a New Movement


Westmonster’s Arron Banks, previously one of UKIP’s key donors, has quit the party so he can concentrate his time and money on a new political movement.

Seeing it in such turmoil, Mr. Banks not long ago offered the party an ultimatum: “either I become Chairman and sort out UKIP by bringing in business people and professionals to make it electable or I am out of there.”

In a new statement, he has said:

“UKIP has somehow managed to allow my membership to lapse this year despite having given considerably more than the annual membership fee over the past 12 months.

“On reapplying I was told my membership was suspended pending my appearance at a NEC meeting.

“Apparently, my comments about the party being run like a squash club committee and Mr Carswell have not gone down well.

“I now realise I was being unfair to squash clubs all over the UK and I apologise to them.

“We will now be concentrating on our new movement.”

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