Prime Minister Suffers Second Defeat in Lords Over Brexit


Prime Minister Theresa May has suffered her second defeat in the House of Lords over Brexit as peers backed calls for a “meaningful” parliamentary vote on final EU withdrawal terms.

366 peers backed this amendment to the Article 50 bill, including 13 Conservatives, whilst only 268 voted against it.

According to Parliament’s website, the turnout for the vote was the largest since 1831.

Tory Lord and former deputy Prime Minister Lord Heseltine, who voted in favour of this amendment, claimed Parliament must be the “custodian of national sovereignty”.

In response to this, Brexit secretary David Davis claimed the Lords are simply trying to “frustrate” the process of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union…

“It is clear that some in the Lords would seek to frustrate that process, and it is the Government’s intention to ensure that does not happen. We will now aim to overturn these amendments in the House of Commons.”

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