Britain to Maintain Relations with Poland Post-Brexit


The British Ambassador to Poland, Jonathan Knott, has claimed that Britain and Poland will remain as close partners after Britain has left the EU.

“After Brexit,” he said, “Polish-British relations can become even stronger as Britain will need stronger bonds with individual EU members states, particularly with Poland.”

A two-day summit is taking place in Warsaw starting from tomorrow, where around 120 MPs, Diplomats and experts will discuss ways the two nations can cooperate following Brexit.

The two nations’ bond is expected to remain strong, despite warnings from numerous ‘Remain’ campaigners before last years referendum that leaving the EU would leave Britain isolated from the rest of the world.

Indeed, Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Konrad Szymański, has said: “Brexit is not about the UK leaving Europe, but the European Union. Poland will be doing its best to see London remaining as close to Europe as possible in all areas of common interests, such as security and defence.”

This does not quite give the impression of the ‘Little England‘ voters were warned of before the referendum.

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