Former BoE Governor Backs ‘Clean’ Brexit


Former governor of the Bank of England (BoE), Lord Mervyn King, has shown his support for a so-called ‘clean’ Brexit, including “not only to leave the Single Market but also the Customs Union.”

In an interview with Bloomberg, Lord King, who has previously made it clear he is optimistic about Brexit, said “I am not a great fan of any transitional arrangements or deals. I think we should make it very clear what our position is”.

Talking specifically about the British government’s immigration policy, he also commented that “it is important that the United Kingdom now is actually proactive in setting out what the Government’s plan for immigration policy will be.

“This is not something which should be negotiated with the EU, it is for the UK to decide and I would hope sooner rather than later now, it is important that nine months on from the referendum that we actually learn what the Government’s policy on immigration will be.”

Lord King also strongly criticized politicians who are currently constantly blaming all economic issues and pressures on Breixt. He pointed out that “the challenges we face are nothing to do with Brexit and that Brexit in the long run in any event is not likely to make an enormous difference.”

Comments like this from an economist are rare, yet refreshing!

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