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Farage Has “Dinner with the Donald”

27th February 2017 John Halstead 0

On Saturday, Nigel Farage and President Donald Trump dined together; a sign of the continued relationship between the two largest political figures (/disrupters!) of 2016. The two, joined by some of President Trump’s senior advisers

General Politics

Men’s Rights in the West

19th November 2016 Josh Deakin 0

In the spirit of international men’s day I thought I would article this article to the topic of men’s rights, specifically in the western world, and about the issues men face. Just to clarify, this is

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The Decline of Mainstream Media

26th October 2016 Matthew Richey 0

Many of us are appalled at the blatant dishonesty of popular media, especially when it comes to the current Presidential Election. Just hearing the names of Huffington Post and CNN makes the hairs on the

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How the Education System is Failing Boys

23rd October 2016 Josh Deakin 3

In today’s education system, girls are blowing boys out of the water, outperforming them throughout the levels of education, eventually going on to outnumber boys by 300,000 at university. A recent study from the Equality

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