MPs Reject Lord’s Brexit Bill Amendments


MPs have voted overwhelmingly to overturn amendments to the Brexit bill which were put forward last week by the House of Lords.

In two separate votes, the House of Commons voted against the proposal for the government to protect the status of EU nationals within three months of the start of Brexit talks by 335 to 287 votes and ten against the amendment for Parliament to have a “meaningful” vote on any Brexit deal at the end of negotiations with the EU by 331 to 286 votes.

The legislation will now be sent back to the House of Lords where, if peers back down in their opposition to Brexit, the EU Withdrawal Bill shall soon be passed.

The leader of the Leader in the House of Lords, Baroness Smith, told the BBC after conceding defeat that she and her party had “done their best” to stand up to the government’s “pure stubbornness”.

They clearly did not do enough, and now, after months and months of waiting, it seems some progress may actually be made with Brexit – until the next hold up, anyway!


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