Nigel Farage Hails “Impossible Dream”


Just before the triggering of Article 50, the formal mechanism for leaving the EU, earlier today, Nigel Farage said getting the UK to leave the EU had “been a long journey” but that it was now worth it.

He tweeted:

It was an impossible dream but here we are – it’s happening! And at 12.30pm today we pass the point of no return!

Mr. Farage was a central figure in last year’s EU referendum and has fought against the EU for almost all of his political life, leading the UK Independence Party for much of this time. For this reason, he today not only celebrated Brexit but the overall destruction of the EU, saying “the European Union isn’t going to survive, we’ll be the first out.”

The country will now start “coming together” over Brexit, Mr. Farage has claimed, even though “lots of people in Westminster are bitter, angry”. After all, he says, “out there in the country there is big acceptance.”

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