NYU Professor Forced on Leave For Tweeting Against Campus PC Culture

New York University Professor Michael Rectenwald, 57.

In yet another example of sick, twisted Leftist fascism the faculty at New York University have forced Liberal Studies Clinical Assistant Professor Michael Rectenwald, 57, to take paid leave for the remainder of the fall term.

Exasperated by the PC culture on NYU’s campus Prof. Rectenwald started a twitter account called Deplorable NYU Prof in September. This account allowed the professor to vent about the regressive left permeating academia. To add insult to injury, Prof. Rectenwald identifies as a ‘left communist’, making this another example of the way in which the Left eats its own.

Throughout all of September he opted to keep his twitter account anonymous, but he eventually decided to come forward. The decision cost him. Which is astonishing given his bio on his twitter account: ‘NYU professor exposes the viral identity politics of academia and its destruction of academic integrity.’

Fair enough. He’s certainly exposed it now! For the moment it was revealed that a member of faculty held a different opinion than the mainstream he was ousted. Nothing could more poetically illustrate ‘the viral identity politics of academia and its destruction of academic integrity’ better than that.

The letter written to NYU’s student newspaper by the 14 member ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Working Group’ (yes, you read that right) reads like nonsense.

Of course, the writers don’t think so. They opted for logic chopping and entirely missed the point of the professor’s tweets and his stance. As though the good professor doesn’t recognize circular reasoning, straw men arguments and ad hominem fallacies when he sees them.

They wrote that his using words like ‘insanity’, ‘insane’, and ‘crazy’ ‘suggests that mental illness invalidates the ideas and feelings of those who live with it.’ Seriously. They also wrote that ‘one of his tweets goes so far as to casually support students killing themselves in response to Donald Trump’s rhetoric. His tweet is here:


It couldn’t be more obvious that Prof. Rectenwald was joking. Isn’t it clear that it’s precisely this kind of oversensitive nonsense that the professor is protesting? Someone has to do it! Give him a hand why don’t you? Oh yeah, you did. When you ousted him from the classroom and totally proved his point.

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  1. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Working Group….right out of an Ayn Rand book – Unbelievable that something such as this exists….let alone at a UNIVERSITY…..but then it is NYU.

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