European Politics

Austria Bans Full-Face Islamic Veil

31st January 2017 Disrupter Europe 0

Austria’s Chancellor, Christian Kerr, has announced that the wearing of the full-face Islamic veil is to be banned in public spaces. He also declared that migrants who wish to stay in Austria will have to sign

European Politics

Germany’s Population Reaches 83 Million

28th January 2017 John Halstead 0

Germany’s population has reached an incredible 82.8 million, largely thanks to the high levels of mass immigration under German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The country’s annual net migration level is 750,000. Similarly, Germany’s federal government spent

UK Politics

Article 50 Bill Published

26th January 2017 Disrupter UK 0

The Article 50 Bill has been published and will be debated in Parliament on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Read the 137 words that will (hopefully) bring us out of the European Union here.

UK Politics

Richard Branson Plans to Overturn Democracy

22nd January 2017 John Halstead 0

Richard Branson, the billionaire founder and owner of Virgin, is attempting to block Brexit by providing office space and vasts amounts of money to a new group dedicated to the cause of overturning the will of

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