UK Politics

90% of UK Hospitals are Overcrowded

6th February 2017 Michael Curzon 0

A new study has found that a shocking 90% of hospitals in England are now deemed to be “overcrowded” and at “unsafe” levels this winter. According to these results, 20 new hospitals are needed in order to

European Politics

Germany’s Population Reaches 83 Million

28th January 2017 John Halstead 0

Germany’s population has reached an incredible 82.8 million, largely thanks to the high levels of mass immigration under German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The country’s annual net migration level is 750,000. Similarly, Germany’s federal government spent

US Politics

Trump Orders Building of The Wall

25th January 2017 Disrupter US 0

President Donald Trump is sticking to his biggest campaign promise and has issued an executive order for an “impassable physical barrier” to be built along the US border with Mexico. He said that it will

UK Politics

Vince Cable: “Time to End EU Free Movement”

7th January 2017 Disrupter UK 0

Vince Cable, ex-Liberal Democrat MP and a leading figure in the ‘Remain’ campaign during the UK’s 2016 EU referendum has claimed that “it’s time to end EU free movement”. Writing for the New Statesman, Mr. Cable,

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