The Last Gaps of Mob Rule
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The Last Gasps of Mob Rule

11th November 2016 Kathryn S. Sless 1

Malcolm X, an ardent outspoken activist for African Americans once claimed “you can’t have racism without Capitalism…to end racism and all of the evils that come with it…we must end Capitalism”. As I have discussed

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2016 Election Day: Donald Trump Wins Presidency

9th November 2016 Disrupter US 0

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has officially won the presidential election, and very comfortably at that! Despite the war waged on Mr. Trump during the campaign by the establishment, particularly the mainstream media, he managed to beat

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Are You a Pawn?

6th November 2016 Kathryn S. Sless 0

Our 2016 Election is drawing near…really near. Two days …to be exact. And as voters like you make their final assessment, you will be bombarded by media coverage, advertisements, blog posts, pundits and Polls….all putting

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How the Education System is Failing Boys

23rd October 2016 Josh Deakin 3

In today’s education system, girls are blowing boys out of the water, outperforming them throughout the levels of education, eventually going on to outnumber boys by 300,000 at university. A recent study from the Equality

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Trump Tapes: Hypocrisy of the Media

12th October 2016 Jane Stanley 0

Hypocrisy – I’m drowning in it right now and all because of Donald Trump. Yes, his lewd comments caught on tape degraded women; he may have truly shot himself in the foot in his American presidential

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