Verhofstadt: Young Generation Will Take UK Back into EU

Guy Verhofstadt, the lead EU negotiator on Brexit.

The EU’s representative in upcoming Brexit negotiations with the UK, Guy Verhofstadt, has said that young generations view Brexit as being “stupidity” and in the future will attempt to get the UK back in the EU.

Whilst Mr. Verhofstadt admitted that the relationship between Britain and Europe has never been “a love affair”, he said that the partnership was instead a “marriage of convenience”. He also described the triggering of Article 50 last week as “a very sad moment.”

Talking in the European Parliament, Mr. Verhofstadt said:

“It was impossible, maybe, to unite Great Britain with the Continent, and naive, maybe to [attempt to] reconcile the legal system of Napoleon with the common law of the British Empire, and perhaps it was never meant to be,” he admitted, to applause from UKIP MEPs.

“[But] I am also convinced and 100 per cent sure about one thing: that there will be, one day or another, dear colleagues, that there will be a young man or a young woman who will try again. Who will lead Britain again into the European family once again.”

Clearly, those leading the EU project have not given up with their dream.

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